Cleaning a Bedroom

Let’s learn how to keep our bedrooms clean. 
I’m amazed at the people I see on the internet with selfies, thinking they will impress others, while standing in a cluttered room.

And... if you can clean a bedroom, you can clean a living room, and a hallway, and etc. 

Some cleaning can be done before hand. For example: 
1) If you eat in your room, take the dishes to the kitchen when done. Don’t leave them sitting on your dresser. 
2) If you change out of clothes that you won’t wear again before washing, put them in the clothes hamper right then. 
3) If you try on an outfit that doesn’t work for the occasion, rehang it immediately. 
4) When you get dressed in the morning, hang your ‘jammers on a hook in your bedroom. It keeps the room tidier.
     Get a hook rack, if you can. It's very handy for keeping a bedroom tidy. And use it to hang almost-dirty clothes on.
5) Before you leave in the morning, straighten your bed. 
6) When you bring clean clothes into your bedroom, put them away neatly, immediately. 

(and note: part of being able to keep your room clean is setting-aside enough time to do it properly).

Now, how to clean your room: 
1) Take your dirty dishes to the kitchen. 
2) Put your dirty clothes in the hamper. 
3) Hang up clean clothes. 
4) Put your school stuff and toys in their pre-appointed place. 
     If you have a pre-appointed place, it makes cleaning a room easier.

Do you see a pattern here? If you do these things as needed, cleaning will be less of a chore. 

5) Use a broom to sweep cobwebs off the ceiling and vent registers.  
6) Dust/clean dresser, shelves and nightstand surfaces. 
7) Disinfect door and drawer handles. 
8) Vacuum or sweep/scrub floor, whatever type of floor you have. 
9) Shake out any rugs and replace with clean ones as needed. Wash curtains as needed.
10) Wash mirror, inside of windows, if needed.
11) Change bed linens. 

Do you see that we clean from top to bottom?
This is because dust and dirt obey gravity.

Eric J. Rose
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